Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid and are fantastic tools for volumising sagging tissue, improving contours, lifting sagging jowls and improving fine lines and wrinkles. They can literally give full face transformation results with minimal down time and minimal discomfort.

Fillers are made of varying concentrations of hyaluronic acid. Different products are placed in different parts of the face depending on the tissue needs. Fillers can help to support tissue in areas where bony resorption is taking place at an accelerated pace such as the temples and mandible. They can replace fat loss in important, structurally supportive parts of the face like the cheeks, and they can help lift back sagging tissue to help support an ageing jawline and jowls. 

Areas: Temples, Cheeks, Lips, Jawline, Jowls, Tear Troughs, Noses, Hands

Time to Treat: 15- 30 minutes

Downtime: Often no downtime but sometimes swelling & bruising occurs for a few days. 

Results: Transformative. Most people need at least 1syringe per decade of life for full face lifting and volumising

Repeat: Every 6-12 months ideally

Cost: Price on Consultation with Doctor
Lips start from £450 per syringe
Facial lifting and sculpting starts at £450 per syringe

Practitioner: Doctor Administered

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