Medical micro-needling is a treatment designed to create controlled trauma to the skin with the purpose of creating new collagen formation. Micro-needling creates hundreds of tiny columns of trauma in the skin. The skin heals itself from this controlled trauma by signalling to the fibroblast cell in the dermal layer to make new collagen.

Various different needle depths can be used to the target tissue specifically.

Micro-needling is ideal for acne scarring, anti-ageing and skin resurfacing. You will be advised what needle depth you need. It can vary from 1-1.5mm on the face to 1.5-2mm on the body.

If you have dark skin your practitioner may suggest that you prepare your skin prior to the treatment with medicated skin creams to avoid any problems with hyperpigmentation.

Areas: Face, Neck, Decollete, Body, Stomach
Time to treat: 30 minutes
Downtime: Redness to the skin for 24 hours
Results: Normally 3-5 treatments 4 weeks apart are needed
Cost: £350
Practitioner: Aesthetician or Doctor
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