NeoGen EVO Plasma Skin Tightening and Resurfacing Treatment

The science

The NeoGen EVO treatment uses clinically proven nitrogen plasma technology. Plasma is one of the
4 fundamental states of matter, altogether these are solid, gas, liquid and of course plasma. Plasma can be artificially generated by heating an inert gas or subjecting it to a strong magnetic field. NeoGen uses medical grade nitrogen gas to create pulses of nitrogen plasma. Each pulse is a mass of thermal energy that delivers intense heat without charring the skin’s surface. This then promotes collagen production resulting in a smoother, younger looking complexion. These effects will continue to develop for up to a year after the treatment.


Anti-Ageing – thermal energy stimulates a natural wound repair response. It is this response that remodels the skin and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. The energy also causes the disruption of solar elastosis. Solar elastosis is caused by sun damage and can result in wrinkles and drier thickening skin. Elastin (an important protein in the skin’s structure) is also remodelled as part of the skins natural repair process. This overall dermal repair starts in the first few days and then continues over the next few weeks and months. The outcome is a fully regenerated skin outer layer and continued collagen production for up to 12 months resulting in the reduction of the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles. Can also help improve jowls and tissue sagging.

Jowls and tissue sagging – NeoGen is clinically evidenced to improve sagging tissue and lower face jowling. It works by creating profound skin remodelling and collagen renewal which results in tissue tightening. It’s considered one of the best treatments for lower face, jowl and neck ageing.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty and treatment of dark circles – NeoGen is one of the few treatments that can be safely carried out on the eyelids and around the eyes. The thermal energy released onto the skin stimulates the natural healing response with new collagen and elastin being produced. This not only tightens the skin around the eyes but also thickens the skin meaning that the underlying blood vessels causing dark circles become less visible. NeoGen is one of the standout technologies for improving the delicate eye area because of its incredible skin tightening capabilities.

Acne – NeoGen is a powerful in clinic treatment for active acne. It helps to reduce the levels of bacteria in an acne skin and also helps to clear blackheads and congestion as well as helping to improve the skin’s structure. The thermal energy works to reduce the sebaceous gland secretion helping to reduce the overall oiliness of the skin. Once the skin’s oil has been reduced it breaks the cycle of bacterial acne.

Scarring – NeoGen is a powerful technology for remodelling and improving acne scarring. It is considered a low-risk treatment with high impact for scars. As collagen remodelling is kickstarted by NeoGen treatments this in turn leads to scars being improved. NeoGen has been shown to be safer than other modalities such as CO2 laser as the integrity of the epidermis is maintained which in turn leads to a low risk of further scar formation.

Pigmentation – NeoGen is a quick and effective treatment for hyperpigmentation. In one to two
treatments pigmentation can be lifted. It can be used effectively to soften and reduce the appearance of superficial lesions and areas of pigmentation. NeoGen works by resurfacing the skin. The thermal energy stimulates a shedding, leaving newly formed skin tissue underneath. Any pigmentation in the layer of treated skin is removed as the skin peels away revealing a brighter more even skin tone.

A topical anaesthetic cream is applied prior to the procedure which makes the treatment very tolerable.

Areas: Face, Eyes, Neck, Décolleté, Hands, abdomen, arms

Time to treat: 30-45 minutes

Downtime: The treated skin will appear red and/or darker for the first few days, and you may experience some swelling. Redness will last for 24-48 hours and then you will experience gentle peeling for 3-4 days. Your practitioner will advise you on whether to have a low, medium or high treatment and downtime will vary according to which treatment setting has been used.

Results: Some results are seen 3-5 days post treatment as the damaged epidermis sheds and the new skin appears to replace the treated epidermis. Improvement in skin tone, firmness and texture continues for as long as a year after treatment. Your practitioner will guide you further with what you can expect from your treatment.

Cost: Prices start from £600 Practitioner: Aesthetician (light to medium) or Doctor (medium to high)
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